Since its launch in 1989, the Just A Few SecondsŪ program has reached millions and is credited with helping to dramatically reduce child drowning incidents from an all-time peak in 1988.

> Just A Few SecondsŪ stickers, cards and helpful reminders are distributed annually. In addition, thousands of public service messages are coordinated through television and radio stations, and through billboards and newspapers.

The Just A Few SecondsŪ Campaign is the official drowning prevention effort of the Phoenix Fire Department and all materials and messages are verified by the Department.

Fire-PAL also makes its messages and campaigns available to out-of-state organizations and fire departments on a licensing basis. For information contact Fire-PAL through the Phoenix Fire Department at 602-262-6910.

> Customized uses, such as creating special or public service messages, information, or mailings, need to be approved by Fire-PAL. This policy helps maintain the integrity of the campaign content and prevents unauthorized uses, or uses aimed at making profits from the campaign.

Fire-PAL requests no compensation from Arizona-based users of the campaign. Any use of the campaign or components that generate profit must be shown to return proceeds to Fire-PAL for assisting in continuing the worthwhile campaign.