Fire-PAL is a 501c(3) IRS tax-exempt organization receiving funds from private donations and through grants. A majority of the organizations' efforts are underwritten as in-kind donations for printing, media space/time and other professional services.

Fire-PAL actively works with corporations, organizations, and the media to help get the word out to the community about a variety of issues involving drowning prevention, fire and life safety.

As with any non-profit, it becomes increasingly difficult to operate on limited funds. We need your help to keep our mission going! Please contact, or contact Fire-PAL through the Phoenix Fire Department at

Financial Support:

Donations are generally tax-deductible, but all donors should consult with their tax consultant to make sure. Fire-PAL accepts donations in three ways:

1. Through a general donation that will be used to further any one of our campaigns, or messages and defray operational costs. This is the most helpful way to make a contribution and will enable us to divert funds where they are needed most at any given time of year.

> 2. Through specific funds set up to purchase equipment or pay for programs needed for prevention or education. Please contact us to find out the different areas where you may want to contribute.

3. Through the Just a Few Seconds Memorial Fund. This is a special fund created so that friends and relatives of families who have endured a drowning can make a difference. These funds go right back into the community from which they came, through the distribution of drowning prevention materials.

Volunteer Support:

From time to time Fire-PAL and valley fire departments need volunteers to help deliver information and or aid in other activities. Please contact Fire-PAL through the Phoenix Fire Department at 602-266-6910, if you would like to be put on an active volunteer list.